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How To Sponsor

Not only can you help by volunteering your time,  Sponsorship of a Horse or Donkey is another way to support our Rescue Centre & a great Gift Idea for loved ones. 


Sponsoring a horse or donkey you can help towards your sponsored friends care, food, hay, medical treatment, hoof care and all those little things horses & donkeys need on a daily basis. You’ll receive a special certificate, a stunning photo of your new friend along with their story and Birthday wishes. You’ll also receive regular photos & video updates from your friend of their life at the Rescue Centre.


Cuddles Galore at our Rescue Centre

All our sponsorships stars live at our Rescue Centre in Trebaluger where entry is completely free, so you can visit as often as you like! Our Sponsor Horses and Donkeys absolutely love fuss and attention, and we know you will love meeting them too. 

​Should you wish to Sponsor one of our Horses or Donkeys for yourself, family member or as a gift, all you need to do is either click on the Horse or Donkeys picture or complete the submission form below, where there are several options to choose. 

If you have always wanted your own Horse or Donkey but can't for one reason or another this is a great idea for you. 


Full Sponsorship means you would be the only Sponsor off your chosen Friend for the agreed Sponsorship (this is a higher monthly sponsorship fee), If this an option you would like to take, please contact us for further information.  

Once we have received your Sponsor Request Submission you will be sent the Sponsorship Agreement via email along with account details to be completed. Once payment and the Sponsorship Agreement have been received, you will receive your Certificate, your Horses or Donkeys storey, updates along with

pictures/videos from your new friend. Not forgetting you can visit your chosen Friend as much as you like via appointment. 

Please feel free to contact if you have any further information, questions or queries.​

Our Residents



I am 12 Years Old 

I was rescued with Liana. When I arrived we found out I was pregnant unfortunately my foal died due to Internal problems of inter breeding, I was very scared of people, but now I love attention & being made a fuss off



I am 8 Years Old 

When I arrived I was so scared of people It has taken me a long time to trust people again. I arrived pregnant: I can now be caught and when Im in the right mood I like a brush. 



I am 2 Years Old

Born at the Rescue and daughter of Tito and Fosca. From the day I was born I fell in love with people, I love cuddles brushes and most of all food. I have help my mum get over her fear of people. 



I am 9 Years old 

Rescued from slaughter I had been badly treated, burnt with something hot and beaten. I did not like people and I used to run away shaking. Now I am starting to trust people again, and I will take treats from you hand 



I am 8 Years Old 

Rescued with Piruletta I was scared of people and I used to run away, I only have one eye so I can only see on one side. I am now learning to trust again and like treats and sometimes being brushed. 



I am 5Years Old 

My face is deformed on one side and I have limited vision due to my mum standing on my face when I was born, this doesn´t stop me from being the most loving horse you´ll ever meet. I can walk into things sometimes so you need to be careful !!



I am 2 Years Old 

I Was born at the Rescue my Mum is Piruletta. I love cuddles and being brushed. I do like to jump gates !!!



I am 26 Years Old 

I was so wek when I arrived I feel out of the lorry. I was starving hungry, loosing my hair, had worms and covered in ticks and lice. I am now healthy again and couldn´t be more grateful for my loving new home 



I am 12 Years Old 

I came to the Rescue as my owner could no longer look after me. I can be a madam and stubben when I don´t want to do something. I have a problem with my hip. Most of the time I am good !!



I am 26 Years Young 

I arrived on deaths door not being able to stand and i was so hungry and thirsty. I am now back to my old self and have all the food and love that I need



I am 25 Years Old 

I was rescued from being slaughtered. Ihad been abused and ridden/driven badly casuing me back and hip problems. I love brushes but don´t like my back end being touched. 



I think Im 8 Years Old 

I am a cheeky Miniature Donkey and I love to get into trouble. If there is a door open and food to be had Im there. Sometimes I will be caught but i prefer a game of chase !!

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